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Jasleen Matharu DETAIL Interview On Her Bhopal-Based Lover, Anup Jalota Being Upset With Her And Career After Marriage- EXCLUSIVE

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19th May, 2020 09:13 IST

Jasleen Matharu has finally found someone who she is looking to get settled with and the man in her life was introduced to her by none other than Anup Jalota- the famous Bhajan singer with whom she enterted the Bigg Boss house, and created quite a few controversies, citing their confusing equation. 

Nonetheless, Jalota introduced a Bhopal-based doctor, also his family friend since 5-6 years, to Jasleen and the two have hit it off brilliantly. We spoke to Jasleen in detail about the man and he plans ahead with him. Excerpts from the conversation:

When did you realise that Anup Jalota is looking for a match for you?

I knew about this guy before the lockdown. Anup Ji and his father know each other since 5-6 years. Actually, Anup ji was unhappy with the fact that I participated in a show like Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Before entering the house, I did inform him that I am participating in a reality show but he didn't know what the concept is. So, when he saw the show, he was surprised and told me, "Agar koi aisi baat thi, toh mujhse baat karti, discuss karti." And I guess that triggerd him more to find a right guy for me before I land up finding a person who is not worth it. 

He then informed me that I have seen a guy for you who is a surgeon in Bhopal and is doing really well. I agreed to meet him but then the lockdown was announced. We kept the matter on hold and thought will talk further when the lockdown opens but it got extended. So, he decided that instead of delaying any further, he should make us meet on a video call. It's been 15 days now that we have been talking. 


Tell us about your first virtual meeting?

The first time when we were introduced to each other, was on a video call. It was a very funny conversation and we took it very lightly. I had never spoken to a guy with context of marriage in my mind, before hime. So, when I was told that I have to talk to him with the idea of getting married to him, things got literally awkward for me. I didn't understand what to talk. I told him, "Yaar, main kya baat karu? Shaadi ke liye kya poochu samajh nahi aa raha."  

He also reacted similarly?

Oh, he is a very shy person- hum dono kaafi opposite hain.  

You think he is the right one for you?

I will be honest- the kind of comfort and trust I have built with him, I have never got that feeling from any of my previous relationships.


Has he ever discussed about your linkups?

He is mature and sensible and doesn't have anything to do with my past. He never asked about Anup Ji and me or any of my relationships.

What is the age gap between the both of you? 

He is six years older to me and I think that is the best thing in our relationship because he can balance this well. If I do some pagalpanti, he can kind of control me.

How much time are you spending with him on calls and messages?

Don't ask! Since the time I have started talking to him I haven't spoken to any of my friends. My maximum time is for him and I am enjoying this phase. I really want to know him before we take this relationship ahead.

So, you must have discovered a lot about him...

Almost everything because he is an amazing guy.  He has shared every minute details of his life with me, even though I didn't ask for it. 


He shared stuff about his estranged wife with whom his divorce case is on- what went wrong between them. Post the lockdown, they will officially get separated. I can't disclose the reason but he revealed to me that his life was no less than a  crime patrol episode. I trust him completely. He is extremely transparent- he has shown me all the legal documents and voice recordings.


When can we expect then wedding shenanigans then?

We are still at the liking stage. Families are obviously discussing on those lines. Let this lockdown get over, and we meet each other and then we can zero down on dates and all.

How excited are you to meet him?

We both are dying to go on a date. And this meeting will be very special as not just us but our families will also meet each other.

Your worklife is here and he is based in Bhopal. How will you manage work post-marriage?

Bhopal is just an hour flight from Mumbai. He can come here for me, I will keep going there for him- iif we want to be together, I am sure we will figure out the way.

You will continue with your acting career after marriage?

Of course, I will not leave what I love. And you know he is the one who is motivating me to do more work. He is extremely supportive.

Had he seen your work on screen before this virtual meeting?

Yes, he had seen my journey in Bigg Boss 12, in bits and pieces, and also Mujhse Shaadi Karoge.

image source:-instagram/jasleenmatharu

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