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Jharkhand: District president of Jharkhand student union murdered

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ANI News
24th August, 2019 08:57 IST

Latehar (Jharkhand) [India], Aug 24 (ANI): Former District President of All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU) party, Akhilesh Srivastava was allegedly murdered on Saturday.
A purported letter attributed to Jharkhand Sangharsh Jann Mukti Morcha (JSJMM) party member, Rakesh Singh was recovered from the spot claiming responsibility of the murder.
"Prima facie this murder is allegedly done by JSJMM party people. Around four months ago, Srivastava had taken a loan. Around two months ago he had come out of the jail was facing financial," said Naresh Kumar, Police Inspector.
"He was about to open a company of incense sticks in which he had invested a large amount. But he was unable to open his company as banks had stopped giving him loans," he added.

Srivastava was a resident of Semra village in Jharkhand but he was residing at a different village in Jharkhand. (ANI)

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