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Jobless diamond artisan from Amreli village ends life in Surat

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The Times Of India
19th October, 2019 04:00 IST

Surat: A diamond worker , who was unemployed for over a year , committed suicide here on Friday. This was the 10th suicide by a person connected with the diamond industry here in the past four months.

Puna police said 50-year-old Magan Dudhat was found hanging from the ceiling fan in the house of his kitchen on Friday. His two daughters manage the household and educate their 13-year-old brother by doing tailoring work.

Dudhat’s wife and other members of the family had gone out to attend a function when he decided to end his life, police said.

The deceased is originally from Amreli district and used to work as a diamond worker in the city at different places since last one decade. He had lost his job a year ago and despite many attempts could not find another job in his field.

An official from Puna police said, “Dudhat’s family members, are worried about his two daughters who are nearing the age of marriage. They said that Dudhat appeared to be mentally depressed by the thought as to how he will manage to marry off his daughters.”

Police further said, his two daughters used to get some tailoring work at home and they used to earn some money to run the house.

Dudhat was resident of Arjun Nagar society-II of Puna area in a very modest home with two rooms.

Earlier this month on October 13, Jayesh Singala (41), consumed poison on the street outside his house in Sarthana and shared his video with his brother in which he reportedly said that he was fed up due to joblessness and had no option left.

Shingala, who originally hailed from Kikliya village of Botad district, was an employee of Kiran Gems and was jobless for the past two months.

In September, 46-year-old Mahesh Pravin Sheta, owner of a small diamond unit hanged himself to death in a room of his factory at Varaccha. He was facing financial problems for the past some time. He had carried out business transactions to the tune of Rs15 lakh with his four friends, who cheated him.

In July too a jobless diamond workers, Gaurav Gajjar (40), had jumped to death from the fifth floor of his apartment in Katargam. He had been unemployed for the past few months. Gajjar, who was unable to find work had taken to drinking and become an alcoholic. He was father of three girls aged 10, 12 and 14 years.

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