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KTC aids transit of 116 Sikkim-bound workers

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The Times Of India
19th May, 2020 04:27 IST

Panaji: Five buses of the Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd ( KTC ) carrying 116 people from Sikkim left Goa on Monday. The buses will ferry the passengers to Bengaluru where a train has been arranged to transport them to the north-eastern state.

“The government of Sikkim has arranged the train for people stranded in Bengaluru. The 116 people from Sikkim who were in Goa during the lockdown will be boarding this train so they can return home. We have arranged buses for them to help them in their journey,” a KTC official said.

In line with MHA guidelines on social distancing, there will be only one passenger per seat in each of the five buses. They are expected to reach Bengaluru on Wednesday morning.

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