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Kurnool SP is targeting my family: Akhila Priya

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The Times Of India
23rd October, 2019 04:37 IST

Tirupati: Former minister and TDP leader Bhuma Akhila Priya has accused Kurnool SP Kaginelli Fakeerappa of targeting her family, after Kurnool cops knocked on the doors of her residence at Allagadda to summon her husband on Tuesday.

After Kurnool police reached Akhila Priya’s residence, she demanded how they could knock on her doors without a proper search warrant. Police are looking for the former minister’s husband, Bhargav Ram, in connection with two cases registered against him at Allagadda police station in Kurnool district on charges of threatening a crusher unit owner.

Akhila Priya alleged that her husband was being framed for opposing uranium mining in Kadapa district.

“The police booked cases against my husband after he returned from Kadapa. Kurnool SP Kaginelli Fakeerappa is targeting my family. If anything happens to my family, he should be held responsible. I will not spare anyone involved in harassing us by filing false cases against my family,” the TDP leader fumed.

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