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KV's baby girl chants Gayatri Mantra

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The Times Of India
13th March, 2019 14:46 IST
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Karanvir Bohra is blessed with twin baby girls whom he considers as his lucky charm. The actor feels proud whenever he sees his kids doing the right thing at such a tender age.

In his recent video on social media, the actor's elder daughter Bella chanted the Gayatri mantra in her gibberish language. Karanvir poster the same on social media and was seen rooting for his little one. Bella and Vienna can be seen laughing in the video after chanting the Gayatri Mantra.

Karanvir who was locked in the Bigg Boss 12 house for over three months revealed to his housemates how he is extremely close to his family and cannot stay without his babies Karanvir was seen bursting into tears after Bella, Vienna and wife Teejay had entered the house.

He had destroyed his babies' toy during a task to save his BFF Deepak Thakur from nominations. But after the show, BB returned his babies toy back to Karanvir.
Talking to, Karanvir said, "I cannot express my happiness on seeing the toy back with my daughters. Bigg Boss was really sweet for not destroying the toy and rather keeping it safe and giving it back to me after the show got over. It was overwhelming. It's just that the colour of the toy has changed from pink to yellow now and the girls are taking time to realize that it is their same old pink puppy," he laughed. "I got really emotional with the sweet gesture and can't thank BB enough for being so kind," said Karanvir.

Karanvir was extremely attached to the toy as it constantly reminded him of his daughter.

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