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Laxmikant Sharma, bro booked for poll code violation

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The Times Of India
24th March, 2019 04:46 IST
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Bhopal: Former minister Laxmi Kant Sharma, his brother and BJP MLA Umakant Sharma and 50 others have been booked by police in Vidisha district for allegedly violating the poll code of conduct.

Chairman of the Hindu Utsav Samiti Om Soni has also been charged with same sections. District BJP president Rakesh Jadon has condemned the police action.

Sources say action was taken after video went viral on social media on Friday in which the MLA Umakant was seen scolding some police officers during Holika-dahan event in Sironj (Vidisha).

The incident took place in Sironj which has a tradition of lighting up Holi pyre with gunshot. Police officers had objected to use of gun citing model code of conduct. MLA got annoyed and entered into heated arguments with the police. The video had gone viral. The MLA and his supporters are demanding BJP ticket for Laxmikant Sharma from Vidisha.

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