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Leopard in Vikarabad makes third kill in a week

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The Times Of India
01st September, 2019 04:03 IST

Hyderabad: A leopard on the prowl in Kulakacharla mandal of Vikarabad district struck yet again, claiming its third kill, a calf, in Rampur village on Friday night.

The leopard has been giving sleepless nights to residents of the area. The villagers lamented that they were not in a position to move out during the night in case of emergencies.

Forest officials who are on the lookout for an elusive leopard in the area for the past one month believe that the same animal is behind all the killings.

"The leopard was spotted by the farmers near the fields in village. The villagers are scared that it might kill more cattle. Our search teams are still on the field and in case we spot it we will take measures to capture the animal and relocate it deep inside the forest in a suitable environment with enough prey to feed on. If necessary, take measures to tranquilize and relocate it into a safer area inside the forest," said Venu Madhav, district forest officer, Vikarabad.

In a similar case in Yacharam, a leopard which has been lurking for the past few months has so far killed about 40 cattle and half a dozen dogs in the villages.

Officials are setting up trap cages near the carcass of the cattle to safely capture the big cat in case it comes to feed on the remaining prey.

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