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Liquor distribution caught on camera in Phagwara

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The Times Of India
21st October, 2019 10:32 IST

PHAGWARA: Distribution of liquor during elections remains a much-debated subject and in Phagwara , it was caught on camera. More surprising was the ease with which it was being done, with little hurry or scare in broad daylight near the election offices of the Congress and BJP.

Phagwara police have registered an FIR against unknown person(s) but have mentioned registration number of a car, which was clearly visible in the video. The car also had a plate on its front with ‘councillor’ written on it.

The distribution of liquor was filmed early on Saturday in Guru Hargobind Nagar area. People could be seen carrying cartons of liquor from a cargo vehicle parked on the back side of a building, which had a liquor vend on its front side. Quite a few persons were seen carrying liquor cartons on their scooters and cars and a few faces and vehicles were clearly identifiable.

In the FIR registered late on Saturday, the police mentioned that the video had gone viral in which some persons could be seen loading liquor on different vehicles. It also mentioned registration number PB 36F 2512 of a car. The video clip shows that the same car had a name plate of ‘councillor’ just above the number plate. A case has been registered under Section 61-1-14 of the Excise Act in this regard.

Phagwara SP Manvinder Singh said they were busy making security arrangements for polling and would trace the vehicles and those involved in the liquor distribution later from the video. He confirmed that police did not receive any complaint from any party.

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