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Loco pilots stage demonstration in Madurai division

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The Times Of India
17th October, 2019 04:16 IST

Madurai: More than 100 loco pilots attached to the Madurai arm of the Southern Railway Mazdoor Union staged a demonstration at the Madurai Railway junction on Wednesday stressing the problems they faced in their jobs.

The loco pilots demanded that additional posts be created for manning new trains as the southern railway had sanctioned no new loco pilot posts after the year 2016 – 2017, they said.

The loco pilots said that while shunting loco pilots are deployed in major stations to do the shunting work, loco pilots from Madurai were forced to do the shunting work after a 245-km drive. This increased the risk of accidents, besides not all loco pilots are familiar with the shunting work, they said.

Though the Railway Board and committees have recommended that rest rooms for loco pilots be maintained like in 3-star hotels, the condition of the restrooms assigned for loco pilots in Manamadurai, Maniyachi, Milavittan and Punalur are in dilapidated condition. Also the administration has asked the loco pilots rest at Virudhungar, even though the place lacked a restroom.

Crew beat is not displayed in any place in Madurai Division, though it is specified that it should be displayed.

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