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Lok Sabha elections: EC using places of worship, Holi for high voter turnout

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The Times Of India
18th March, 2019 10:21 IST
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JAIPUR: The district election officers are burning midnight oil to come up with innovative and different ideas, to lure people to add to a good turnout in the two-phase Lok Sabha elections to be held on April 29 and May 6. The district authorities have also touched upon places of worship including gurudwaras, temples and mosques of a few districts for the same. Here, the head priests are asked to make regular announcements of the election dates and appeal to people to vote. The festivity of Holi has also been used to make people aware about voting.

At Sawai Madhopur, the district collector who is also the district election officer is sending his teams to the district, to encourage people to come for voting in large numbers. The teams are sent close to the mosques, gurudwaras and temples and they include artistes who organise nukkad natak (street plays).

“The religious places witness a good number of people of different age groups. When I was in Baran, I started visiting these places to appeal to people to cast their votes. At these places you also come across people who share their problems including if their names were not included in the voting list or their voter’s ID is yet to come,” said Indra Jeet Singh, district collector, Sawai Madhopur while talking to TOI on Sunday.

Similar attempts are made by the district authorities of Hanumangarh and Sriganganagar where there is abundance of gurudwaras due to the dominance of Sikh community. In coming days, various district election officers have planned to organise skits, street plays and painting competitions around the religious places to spread awareness on the voting dates and voting rights of people.

In districts like Baran, the district election office is focussing on the street plays due to the dominance of Seharia tribals. “We can’t think of distributing pamphlets in the rural interiors, here street plays or musical plays can do wonders and engrave the idea of voting in the minds of tribal people,” said an officer with the district election office, Baran.

At Pali, the district Collectorate and its officers have penned down Holi Ke Dhamaal (Holi songs) with lyrics spreading awareness on voting. “We also have Badshaah Ki Sawai, an event organised some days before Holi. On Monday, it would be organised where our team members will mix up in the event and will do their job of educating people,” said DC Jain, district collector, Pali.

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