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Maa Garjai's abode is located on the high hills, the sound of bells comes from the stones!

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29th September, 2019 12:15 IST

Raipur: There is a mountain which is always thundering in the middle of the dense forests of Madanpur, 15 km from the Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh. There is such a stone here that when touched, the sweet sound of a bell is heard, as well as money is attached to these stones. Many such mysterious things are seen and heard here. Due to these people also consider it as the center of faith and like every year, Jyot Jawara has been organized here this year too.

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This year too, a large crowd of people is gathering here. The locals here consider the sound of the mountain to be divine power. Goddess Maa Garjai is also seated in the mountain here. In relation to Maa Garajidham, geographers say that from a scientific point of view these are granite rocks.

The reason for the sound of bells on the stones is that the space under the stones is empty, due to which the voice is making from here. At the same time, with the coin money sticking in the stones, it said that paramagnet material is found in the coin. The rocks here are paramagnetic so this is happening.

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Two km away from Madanpur, amidst dense forests, lush green hills and picturesque hills, is the Garjai mountain. There are seven village boundaries under the mountain. Residents here have been listening to the roar of the mountain for years. At the same time, the priest here says that Garjai mountain has been thundering for years, due to which it is known as Garjai Mata Pahar. Three years ago, scientists from Australia have also come to do research on the roar of Garjai mountain.

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