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Madhya Pradesh: Another precious diamond found in Panna mine

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14th September, 2019 11:17 IST

Bhopal: Panna district of Madhya Pradesh is known for bright diamonds in the world. People from all the surrounding districts including Panna district and from every corner of the country come to mine here in search of diamonds. No one can say when the land of emerald makes someone a king with rain. In the last 10 days, four diamonds have been deposited in the diamond office in Panna. Today, Brijesh Kumar Upadhyay has got a high quality precious diamond of 29 carat 46 cents, which has been deposited in the diamond office, in the patti under Krishnakalyanpur of Panna.

The fate of Brijesh has been brightened by getting the diamond. Brijesh says that he had put the mine in the patti with a leash and on Friday while he was washing and drying the trick coming out of the mine, during this time, he saw a glittering stone and with it Brijesh reached the diamond office when the connoisseur approached him. Checked it and told him that this is a diamond of high quality.

The diamond has been deposited in the diamond office which will be put up for auction. At the same time, the diamond officer says that this diamond is of very good quality, which will cost crores. After receiving such a big diamond, Collector Panna has also reached the diamond office to see the diamond.

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