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Madhya Pradesh: Man dies of gunshot in Ujjain

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The Times Of India
12th October, 2019 20:49 IST

INDORE: A man died after sustaining gunshot wound in his stomach at a house in Gandhi Nagar area of Ujjain on Saturday. Police suspect that he might have shot himself after his marriage proposal was rejected by a widow staying in the house.

The deceased, Jitendra Verma of Chhatarpur , had entered the house of the widow on Maksi Road, impersonating her paternal cousin from Mumbai and got into an argument with her when she refused to marry him, police said.

The woman, Pooja Madrosia, resided with her in-laws and 2-and-half-year-old daughter. He husband had passed away in a road accident around six months ago, they said.

Pooja’s family told the police that Jitendra had claimed that Pooja’s uncle from Mumbai had sent her money and he was here to hand it over. He was welcomed in the house and offered snacks.

When Pooja went into the kitchen to make tea, Jitendra followed and entered into an argument, the family said adding upon Pooja’s refusal, he flashed a country-made pistol and threatened to kill her. In the melee, he pointed the gun at his stomach and opened fire.

Forensic experts claimed that the bullet entered his body in the solar plexus area.

Police have taken finger prints of Pooja and Jitendra. Tests were also conducted to check gunpowder traces on the woman.

“We are exploring all possible angles to the crime. Initial investigations reveal that the woman had rejected a marriage proposal by the deceased,” Additional SP (City) rupesh Dwivedi told reporters.

Police were in the process of interrogating Pooja and her family members.

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