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Madhya Pradesh: People of Indore will get a new year gift of medical science

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21st October, 2019 11:37 IST

Indore: Medical science of Madhya Pradesh is getting a new gift from Indore. Senior hand surgeon of the city Dr. Shailesh Gupta will start wrist telescope surgery (arthroscopy) in Indore from next year. Not only Madhya Pradesh, this will be the first such medical facility in the whole of Central India. This will provide this facility to patients facing wrist problems at a very low cost.

This facility will be a great facility for tennis and cricket stars and boxers and wrestlers. Dr. Gupta is going to Germany for training this month. After this, such operations will also be arranged in Indore. In this system, the patients suffer less and can start their work only after a short rest.

In India, the facility exists only at one or two centers in South India apart from Delhi, Pune, Manipal and Mumbai. Due to this, the patients of North and Central India are very uncomfortable. In addition to Germany in the world, this treatment is done in a few countries including America and France. This technology has not found a place even in MBBS courses in India. The reason is lack of equipment and experts. But now, efforts are also being made to create a favorable environment in India.

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