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Maharashtra polls: Two people were caught carrying EVM machines in Chandrapur city

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22nd October, 2019 17:04 IST
While the district registered average voting of around 65 per cent, out of which Chandrapur city is expected to score a meagre 45%

Mumbai: The polling for the Maharashtra assembly election 2019 completed on Monday (October 22). The atmosphere after voting in Durgapur area of ​​Chandrapur remained tense. When some locals saw the four-wheelers loaded with EVMs at the polling booth at around 8 pm after the polling was over, their uproar knew no bounds. People surrounded the car and called the police on the spot. After which the police converted the area into a cantonment.

According to the information received, the polling process was completed peacefully in Durgapur village, which falls in Ballarshah assembly constituency adjacent to Chandrapur. After which the work of sealing the machine started after 7 pm, the polling party moved the police to the EVM machine safely.

However, around 8 pm, some people from the polling party (electoral duty) were taking the EVM machine without any protection from the polling station, and later they started carrying this EVM machine in a four-wheeler. The entire incident was witnessed by the local people. After which the police were informed.

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However, when the matter reached the District Magistrate of Chandrapur, he took cognizance of the matter. He said that there was a wrong feeling in the people about the polling party carrying EVM. The district official further said that due to the narrow road, the polling party was taking the EVM on foot and the vehicle in which it sat was a polling officer’s jeep. He said that we talked to the people there and allay their doubts.

The Opposition parties have been long demanding for ballot papers instead of EVMs. According to the Opposition, the EVMs can be tampered with. Yesterday, taking a jibe at the BJP, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi sarcastically described the BJP’s candidate from Haryana’s Assandh as the “most honest man” in the ruling party after a video went viral in which he is purportedly heard saying no matter which button is pressed on the EVM, the vote would go to the BJP.

Another, youth congress leader Satyajeet Tambe said that “Nobody in Maharashtra believes in Exit Polls. In fact, people are so furious & angry they feel there is a serious possibility of . People are angry so badly that it might create a Law and Order situation in the state. Election Commission should  carefully   watch this closely.”

Opposition parties had raised voice about the possibility of EVM tampering, the Election Commission of India had always said that the EVMs cannot tamper. Earlier, the poll panel had even challenged political parties and technical experts to ‘demonstrate’ their charge of EVM tampering by doing so in the EVMs kept by it. No party has accepted the challenge to try and ‘tamper’ an EVM under the control and custody of the Commission.


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