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Man flees tantrik rite, kills 2 sisters in Sukam

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The Times Of India
17th October, 2019 12:17 IST

RAIPUR: In a bizarre incident, a mentally unstable man in Sukma district who was taken to a witch doctor for 'treatment' (sorcery) ran out and barged into an adjoining house and brutally attacked two minor girls killing them on the spot.

To the shock and horror of the family, the man attacked the girls with on their head with a heavy object in front of them and fled giving them no time to react. Police have arrested him and it was reported that he had killed two livestock as well before the incident.

Sukma police said that the man identified as Soma was suffering from chronic depression for the past few months and was a frequent visitor to a witch-doctor at Chintagufa region of Sukma district in Chhattisgarh .

His condition only worsened and he was again brought for another dose of 'jhaad-phoonk' by his family members on Wednesday morning. But, as they went inside the house of witch doctor, the man escaped and rushed into the nearby house swiftly giving nobody any time to react. Family of the accused couldn't trace him until the worst happened.

Soma however, entered the house located about 200 meters away where two sisters Podiyam Rame , 4, and Podiyam Nande , 2, were playing inside. Soma picked a heavy object kept at home and hit both the girls on their heads. Both died within minutes.

As soon as the kin got over the shock and rushed towards Soma, he managed to flee.

The family members informed police and guided them to the way he ran. Police nabbed him from the outskirts of village and said that they were trying to interrogate him. The man appears to be mentally unstable and is blabbering without realizing his crime, police said.

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