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MP allocates entire Chaurai dam water, none left for city

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The Times Of India
12th February, 2019 03:31 IST
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Nagpur: In a big worry for city’s drinking water supply, and Koradi and Khaparkheda thermal power stations, there is no hope of getting water from Chaurai dam, as Madhya Pradesh (MP) has allocated the entire quantum stored there. The MP government will have to cut allocation of its dependants if it is to release any water for Pench reservoirs in Nagpur district.

A team of three Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) officials for the first time met officials of water resources department of MP last week. The team submitted a report to additional municipal commissioner Ravindra Thakre.

As per the report, MP has allocated 438.87 million meter cube (MMC) water from Chaurai dam. Total storage capacity of the dam is 421.2 MMC, which gets filled in the monsoon. The dam gets 19 MMC between two monsoons. Thus, the dam gets 440.2 MMC water.

MP government has allocated 398.48 MMC for rabbi crop, 23.45 MMC will evaporate, 13.85 MMC for Adani’s power plant, and 3.09 MMC for drinking water supply. Thus, meagre 1.33 MMC will be left in the dam.

The officials also said there is a chance of 80 MMC being left in Chaurai dam, if last year’s data is considered. Chaurai dam was left with 141 MMC (33.63%) before monsoon last year. This could happen this year too if allocated water does not go for rabbi crop.

NMC official told TOI the Maharashtra government is taking up the demand with MP government. “Already, CM Devendra Fadnavis had written letters to past and new CM of MP,” he said.

Guardian minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule said on Monday he planned to meet MP CM Kamal Nath next week. “I will request him to release water from Chaurai dam to Pench reservoirs,” he said.

As on Monday, Pench reservoirs — Totladoh and Kamptee Khairi — had storage of 142.48 MMC as against total capacity of 1,157 MMC. This happened due to the reservoirs receiving less water during monsoon.

MP government has constructed Chaurai dam on upstream of Pench river, because of which Pench reservoirs situated downstream receive less water.

NMC requires 90 MMC water up to June mid. The demand of Koradi and Khaparkheda thermal power stations is 24 MMC. Kalmeshwar and Parsheoni towns need 1 MMC. WRD is expecting evaporation loss of 50 MMC. Thus, total requirement stands at 165 MMC, with a shortfall forecast of 22.52 MMC.

Unfortunately, NMC is yet to initiate measures to bring down high water losses, which are over 50%. Also, no steps have been taken to guide citizens to prevent excess use of water.


* Pench reservoirs have storage of 142.48 MMC water as on Monday

* Total requirement is 165 MMC up to commencement of monsoon

* Less storage is due to construction of Chaurai dam by MP government

* Chaurai dam has 226.86 MMC as on date

* MP government has allocated entire quantum

* MP will have to cut allocations if it is to release water into Pench reservoirs

* State requested MP to release 70 MMC from Chaurai dam in October last year but got no response

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