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MP: Island resorts to adventure camps, a slice of tourism pie awaits investors

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The Times Of India
13th October, 2019 04:07 IST

Indore: The state government will float offers to build resorts and adventure camping at island near Gandhi Sagar Dam and Hanuwantiya as a measure to woo investment in tourism sector.

Land parcels located at Mandu, Khajuraho, Pench, Alirajpur, Jhabua and other destinations along with back waters at Omkareshwar will also be promoted by the government to attract investments.

Tourism is one of the eight core sectors to be discussed with potential investors in the investors’ meet.

A source wishing anonymity said, “There is a lot of potential to explore and promote tourism sector. We have picked up places and areas that will be displayed to investors to attract investments.”

“Islands always attracts investment as it turns into a good business. With the presence of just two islands in MP, attractive investment is expected as these places.”

The state government is contemplating on inviting private investments in tourism to develop adventures tourism, camping, cruise and resorts in state.

Sources said a list of heritage property of state has also been prepared to be showcased to investors in the meet.

The source said, “Unlike Himalaya that opens for just about few months for tourists and shuts down in winters, MP has a lot of places that remains open for tourists throughout the year.”

Way-side amenities at tourist destinations will also be promoted during the summit. “Way-side amenities can be given to private players to develop and operate on lease for a period of 10 years. There are many such properties that can be developed and run by private players,” the source said.

The state government is also contemplating on giving land parcels on lease for 90 years to investors participating in the summit.

To favour and give an impetus to each industrial sector, the state government is also coming out with sectoral industrial policy for selected 9-10 sectors of which tourism is one of them.

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