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Murders due to road rage: 95% cases took place in Uttar Pradesh

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The Times Of India
23rd October, 2019 07:23 IST

MEERUT: Uttar Pradesh accounted for approximately 95% of murders due to road rage, as per the latest data released by the NCRB. The report for 2017, which was released on Monday, reveals that out of 540 murders because of road rage in 29 states and 7 Union territories, 514 cases took place in UP alone.

None of the other states could reach even the double digit. In fact, 20 states registered zero cases of road rage-related murders in 2017. The NCRB data has put road rage as one of the motives of murders. It may be interesting to note that out of total 4,324 murder cases registered in UP, 514 (11.88%) were attributed to hot-headedness on roads. Other states accounted for just 26 deaths due to road rage.

Gujarat was second with six cases of road rage-related murders, followed by Jharkhand and Manipur with four each. Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra had three cases each in this category. Delhi, too, witnessed only two cases of murders due to road rage.

Overall, there has been a marginal dip in the road rage cases as compared to the previous year. In 2016, 514 cases of murders due to road rage were registered in the entire country, out of which 489 were from UP. Even at that time UP had topped the charts in this category.

The road rage category was included in 2016 only. Before that such incidents were reported under rash driving/road rage head. So there was no separate data available for road rage-related murders.

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