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Murshidabad triple murder case solved, claim West Bengal police

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The Times Of India
15th October, 2019 18:02 IST

BERHAMPORE: West Bengal police on Tuesday arrested a former student of primary school teacher Bandhu Prakash Pal, for brutally murdering him, his eight-month pregnant wife Beauty and eight-year-old son Angan a week back.

Utpal Behera, police said, who is barely 20-year-old, had loaned Rs 24,160 from his father Madhab and “invested” in a bank insurance scheme reportedly at Pal’s insistence. For several weeks, police claimed, he had been pursuing Pal for either a receipt or a refund but got none prompting him to plan the gruesome murder.

Police said while they had detained Utpal – a resident of Sagardighi’s Barala – where Pal taught (Pal’s kin, including his mother Maya, also stay there), he was let off for lack of evidence.

According to Murshidabad police superintendent Mukesh Kumar, “Two things didn’t add up against this person. Of all the insurance related papers found in Pal’s Jiagunj home (the scene of crime), the one related to Behera was blood stained. Also, he tried to mislead us on his whereabouts on the day before the incident took place. He was questioned several times, finally last evening in the Jiagunj police station. He has confessed to his crime. Forensics is doing a detailed examination on fingerprints and other tests.”

Police said Behera’s questioning revealed he had bought dress in Egra, East Midnapore (where he worked) on October 3. He then bought a chopper two days later from near Azimgunj railway station. On the day before the murder, he had visited Pal’s home, twice, to identify it. Before stepping in Pal’s home, he called him up seeking to meet him and Pal opened the door for him. Police said as Pal turned, he pounced on Pal and killed him. He did the same with his son and wife to eliminate eyewitnesses. He claimed all these took five minutes before he heard someone and fled. In doing so, he had left his slippers.

Police said one person Alpana Mondal had also reported seeing him dumping his clothes in a pond and fleeing.

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