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Naga peace talk: 14 Naga tribal bodies want early solution within Centre's deadline period

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18th October, 2019 16:09 IST

Guwahati: Rift among the groups, bodies of Nagaland over the Naga peace process has been more visible while the centres deadline period comes to near.

Amidst differences between the different political and non-political groups, insurgent groups of Nagaland, peace interlocutor appointed by the centre and Nagaland governor RN Ravi is trying to make a solution of Naga peace process within the centres three months deadline.

On Friday, the Nagaland governor and peace interlocutor RN Ravi met the representatives of 14 tribal bodies, two church bodies of Nagaland in Kohima and took their views over the final settlement of Naga peace process.

A top leader of Naga tribal bodies said that it is a consultative meeting with the Nagaland governor and peace interlocutor to make a permanent Naga political solution.

We want a permanent solution. The Naga peace talks have been continued since the past 22 years. We want to settle the long standing issue permanently within the three months deadline, the Naga tribal body leader said.

On Aug 17, Nagaland governor RN Ravi said that the centre wants to conclude the Naga peace process within three months.

Attending a grand civic reception in honour of the 19th Governor of Nagaland held at NBCC Convention Centre in Kohima, RN Ravi said that, before his appointment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed the need to conclude the peace process within three months time.

That is a long enough time because we have been talking and negotiating for the last 22 years. In the last five years, we have taken spontaneous steps by including all the stake holders, both sides trying their best, and there is no reason why we cannot conclude it, RN Ravi said.

The Naga tribal body leader said that only 13 days have left for the deadline and urged the centre to make a permanent solution within the deadline period.

Recently, the Naga outfit group NSCN-IM has accused the centre that, the centre has now started trying to twist and backtrack on their commitments and words after 22 years long intensive negotiations so that hard-earned Framework Agreement is nullified on any pretext.

The Naga outfit group has also accused the central government that, they are trying to hijack the outcome of the talks by using a section of people who are not mandated and do not represent the Naga people and the Naga national issue.

NSCN-IM also said that a separate constitution and flag are necessary for an honourable solution for the two decades-old Naga peace process.

(By Hemanta Kumar Nath, Guwahati)

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