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Neta's VVIP racism caught on camera: Rewari BJP leader enters wrong side of road, then haggles

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24th June, 2019 11:42 IST

Rewari: VVIP culture and political arrogance came to light on Monday in Haryana’s Rewari when BJP leader Satish Khoda entered into the wrong side of the road and then created ruckus after being stopped by a home guard.

When the driver of the BJP leader was asked to stop the car by the home guard, he rammed the car into him, leading to a heated argument between the two.

Several people also gathered at the scene to watch the altercation between the home guard and driver of the BJP leader, affecting traffic in the area.

After the dispute escalated, the police reached the spot to pacify the two parties. However, no action was taken against the driver due to political pressure.




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