Jul 9, 2024

Best 10 K-Series To Add To Your Watchlist This Month



"Connection" follows the gripping tale of an ace detective battling addiction while unraveling a 20-year-old mystery. Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do deliver stellar performances in this SBS drama, filled with intricate plot twists and emotional depth that captivate viewers.

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Miss Night and Day

JTBC's "Miss Night and Day" offers a whimsical twist when a job seeker mysteriously ages overnight. Starring Lee Jung-eun and Choi Jin-hyuk, this series blends fantasy and romance, providing a unique take on life's unexpected challenges and the enchantment of personal growth.

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The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

At Daechi-dong Academy, a clandestine romance blooms in tvN's "The Midnight Romance in Hagwon." Led by Jung Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-joon, this heartwarming story of love and secrecy among hagwon instructors enchants audiences with its nostalgic charm and tender moments.

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My Sweet Mobster

Based on a popular web novel, JTBC's "My Sweet Mobster" explores a complex romance between a man with a dark past and a woman caught in dangerous games. Uhm Tae-goo and Han Sun-hwa shine in this suspenseful drama full of unexpected twists.

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Bitter Sweet Hell

MBC's "Bitter Sweet Hell" features Kim Hee-sun and Lee Hye-young in a psychological thriller about a top family counselor facing blackmail threats. With its tense atmosphere and powerful performances, this series keeps viewers guessing until the very end.

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The Player 2: Master of Swindlers

tvN's "The Player 2: Master of Swindlers" returns for a second season, continuing its thrilling heist drama. Led by Song Seung-heon and Krystal Jung, a team of con artists targets the corrupt elite, combining action with intricate schemes that promise to captivate viewers.

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Beauty and Mr. Romantic

Im Soo-hyang and Ji Hyun-woo headline "Beauty and Mr. Romantic," an uplifting drama of redemption and second chances. Follow a fallen actress's journey back to stardom, guided by a dedicated drama producer, in a heartfelt storyline that resonates with viewers.

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Su Ji and U Ri

In KBS1's "Su Ji and U Ri," Hahm Eun-jung and Baek Sung-hyun portray two strong-willed women navigating the challenges of the medical field. This series offers a compelling look at modern careers and relationships, blending professional ambition with personal struggles.

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Snow White’s Revenge

Han Chae-young stars in "Snow White’s Revenge," a gripping drama of ambition and revenge amidst power and deceit. This intense series captivates with its compelling storyline and suspenseful twists.

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Dare to Love Me

Based on a popular webtoon, KBS2's "Dare to Love Me" charms with its heartwarming romance. Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yoo-young portray a couple navigating love and life's challenges, offering a refreshing perspective on modern relationships.

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