How To Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy This Monsoon

Keep Your Dog Dry & Clean

Wet fur can lead to skin infections and a host of other problems. After walks or outdoor play, thoroughly dry your dog with a towel. Regularly check for dampness, especially in long-haired breeds, to avoid fungal infections and keep your pet's coat healthy and clean.

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Use Antifungal Powder On Paws

Dogs' paws are susceptible to fungal infections during the monsoon. Use anti-fungal powder on their paws to prevent such issues. This helps keep their feet dry and infection-free, ensuring they remain comfortable and healthy throughout the rainy season.

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Ensure Clean Drinking Water

Monsoon often brings an increased risk of water contamination. Ensure your dog has access to clean, filtered drinking water at all times. Change the water regularly and wash the bowl daily to prevent bacterial growth and ensure your dog stays hydrated and healthy.

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Avoid Walking In Muddy Areas

Muddy areas can harbour harmful bacteria and parasites. Avoid taking your dog for walks in such places. Instead, choose cleaner, paved paths to prevent your pet from getting dirty and reducing the risk of infections or parasitic infestations from contaminated soil.

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Clean & Dry Ears Regularly

Moisture in the ears can lead to ear infections, which are common during the monsoon. Clean and dry your dog's ears regularly, especially after they get wet. Use a gentle ear cleaner recommended by your vet and ensure the ears are completely dry to avoid infections.

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Provide A Warm, Dry Sleeping Area

Ensure your dog has a warm and dry place to sleep. Damp bedding can lead to cold and infections. Use waterproof mats or place a protective cover over their bed to keep it dry. Regularly wash and dry their bedding to maintain a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

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Use Raincoats & Paw Protectors

Invest in a good-quality raincoat and paw protectors for your dog. Raincoats keep their body dry during walks, and paw protectors shield their feet from muddy, wet ground. This gear helps in maintaining your dog’s cleanliness and health, reducing the risk of infections.

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Check For Ticks & Fleas Frequently

Monsoon is a prime time for ticks and fleas. Regularly check your dog for these pests, especially after walks. Use tick and flea preventatives as recommended by your vet. Promptly remove any ticks or fleas you find to prevent infestations and related health issues.

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Maintain A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is essential to keep your dog’s immune system strong, particularly during the monsoon. Ensure they receive a nutritious diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Consult your vet for any dietary adjustments needed to boost your pet’s health during this season.

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Keep Up With Regular Grooming

Regular grooming during the monsoon keeps your dog's coat and skin healthy. Brush their fur to remove tangles and debris, and bathe them with a mild dog shampoo as needed. Proper grooming prevents skin issues, ensuring your pet looks and feels their best in the rainy season.

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