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NGT summons Anuppur collector

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The Times Of India
17th May, 2019 04:00 IST
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Bhopal: The central bench of National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Thursday asked the Anuppur collector to be present on the next date of hearing on June 3 with regard to a petition seeking demolition of toilets constructed near Narmada Kund at Amarkantak.

NGT had asked for presence of collector and counsel for municipal council of Amarkatak on Thursday, but both skipped the hearing on the pretext that they have secured an interim order from Supreme Court against the NGT order in which the tribunal had asked for demolition of toilets.

“They can’t skip hearing at NGT because they have got interim order from Supreme Court in the case as SC has not stalled proceedings in the case, and it continues. Counsel for the municipal council should have appeared in the hearing today and explain what order he has obtained from the Supreme Court. We shall impose cost on CMO of Amarkantak municipal council for his absence”, said a peeved judicial member of the tribunal Justice R S Rathore.

Hesaid that the collector of Anuppur was also asked to be present during the hearing of the case through video conferencing on Thursday and said counsel for municipal council of Amarkantak and district collector should essentially be present in the next hearing on June 3.

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