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NHAI moots service bridge to solve traffic woes at Thiruvallam

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The Times Of India
14th October, 2019 04:01 IST

Thiruvananthapuram: After failing to ensure that people take the right route, the national highway authority of India (NHAI) is now planning to construct a service bridge parallel to the Thiruvallam Bridge so that motorists don’t use the wrong stretch.

Sources said that a proposal has been prepared to construct a service bridge so that vehicles coming from Pachalloor side can take the route to reach Ambalathara. NHAI is expecting an additional cost of Rs 3-4 crore for the service bridge. Sources said that the construction of the service bridge and widening of the service road at the junction would involve additional land acquisition at the area. The service bridge is expected to have a width of 5.5metres.

Sources in NHAI said that the bridge was planned exclusively for vehicles coming from Pachalloor side and not those from Kovalam side. “Vehicles coming from Kovalam side should take the new Thiruvallam bridge and take turn at Kumarichanta to go to East Fort,” sources said.

Once the service bridge is ready, vehicles on Old Vizhinjam Road coming from the Pachalloor side can enter the bridge and proceed to East Fort via Ambalathara. NHAI would start land acquisition if the proposal gets approved.

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