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Not to politicise Jajpur VLW death; BJD asks rival parties

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21st October, 2019 19:40 IST


Bhubaneswar: The administering BJD government in the state, in the wake of going under assault from a few ideological groups for the suspicious demise of a town level laborer (VLW) from Jajpur, argued its opponent gatherings not to politicize the issue.

The provincial party, Sunday, in a public interview asked the ideological groups to have confidence in the police and hang tight for the police examination. BJD representative Sulata Deo said that the case is delicate in nature and tolerance must be kept up for a decent and unbiased test.

She stated, “The instance of death of the VLW was delicate and heartbreaking. We encourage the ideological groups to shun politicizing the issue and hang tight for an unbiased examination concerning the issue. The adversary gatherings ought to permit the characteristic procedure of the police to have the option to direct a reasonable and unbiased test.”

Prior, the issue fell as both the BJP and Congress raked up the issue and attempted to corner the administration. Both the opponent gatherings have accused the administration of weakening the test and of attempting to bring the case into an alternate bearing. They said that the test alludes to suicide while they trust it was because of political reasons.

An appointment of the BJP prior met the DGP BK Sharma and had looked for a definite test into the occurrence. BJP had claimed that the Jajpur police was attempting to weaken and stifle the case. “The dialog of the case by the Jajpur SP and his portrayal of the experience were heartbreaking. He should have been progressively reasonable,” said BJP state VP Samir Mohanty, and added that there appeared to political explanations for this.

Then again, Congress party pioneer Satya Prakash Nayak said that the police is intentionally attempting to put forth sure the defense looks like suicide. “The entire case is suspicious. There have been reports about affecting the laborer to do politically persuaded neutralizes her will.”


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