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Now, Tej Pratap to hold roadshow in Jehanabad against RJD nominee

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The Times Of India
24th April, 2019 11:07 IST

PATNA: RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s elder son Tej Pratap is in no mood to relent against his own party. After campaigning for Angesh Singh in Sheohar against RJD nominee, Tej is set to hold a roadshow in Jehanabad on Wednesday in favour of his Lalu-Rabri Morcha nominee Chandra Prakash Yadav. RJD has fielded Surendra Yadav from Jehanabad.

Sources close to Tej said he would addressing a public meeting to seek votes for Chandra Prakash, who will file his nomination papers on Wednesday. A source said Tej would leave Patna by a chopper.

Tej had asked Chandra Prakash on March 30 to file his nomination papers on April 24.

On Saturday, Tej had campaigned for Angesh against RJD official nominee Syed Faisal Ali in Sheohar. Tej had, in fact, called Ali a BJP agent. Speaking against Surendra, Tej said the latter had lost the last general elections and the party should not have given him another chance.

Tej has opposed his younger brother Tejashwi Prasad’s decision time and again over fielding Faisal from Sheohar, Surendra from Jehanabad and his estranged father-in-law Chandrika Rai from Saran Lok Sabha seats. He formed Lalu-Rabri Morcha saying it was to accommodate the RJD’s loyalist and dedicated party workers.

However, RJD has turned a blind eye to Tej’s anti-party activities and has not initiated any action. RJD spokesperson Chitranjan Gagan said Tej’s campaign will have no impact on the RJD candidate. “The one (Surendra Yadav) having RJD’s symbol is the real candidate and will get the party votes,” he said.

When asked if RJD was planning any action against Tej, Chitranjan replied, “Let us see what he is doing. As of now, he has not done any damage to RJD, rather it is only in media.”

Rabri to Nitish: It’s an age of missiles, not of arrows

Former chief minister and RJD national vice-president Rabri Devi on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on CM Nitish Kumar and his party symbol, saying the era of ‘arrow’ had gone long ago and it was ‘missile’ age now.

Rabri, who of late has become active on social media, tweeted that lantern was the symbol of development and light. “The house where lantern and diyas are lit on Diwali has peace and happiness. The era of arrow has gone but even now he (Nitish Kumar) is killing poor people with arrow,” tweeted Rabri.

Her tweet is in reply to CM Nitish’s jibe in election rallies that electricity had reached every household in Bihar and there was no use of ‘lantern’, which is the RJD election symbol.

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