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Pakhi Hegde distributes relief materials to flood victims of Patna

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The Times Of India
16th October, 2019 11:57 IST

Bhojpuri actress Pakhi Hegde was in the town recently. She visited the underprivileged areas of Patna and interacted with the flood victims. Pakhi also distributed relief materials to those who needed them.

While interacting with the crowd, Pakhi, who is one of the top five actresses of the Bhojpuri industry, said, “It’s sad that Patna was hit by a natural calamity and people are still dealing with the aftereffects. In some of the interior areas of the city, water-logging is causing several problems to the citizens. While infants are crying for milk, elders are not getting clean drinking water. People also need mosquito net and medicines. In such a situation, we all must stand together to help those who are still in trouble. ”

She also met some of the families of dengue patients and prayed for their speedy recovery. Pakhi said, “I got to know that after the flood, the number of dengue patients has touched 1,600. I wish the situation improves soon. Besides the government initiative, people should also be very particular about sanitisation and cleanliness. Bleaching powered must be sprinkled all around the residential areas. People are also suffering from water-borne diseases. Therefore, everyone must use mosquito net or mosquito repellent while sleeping.”

Before visiting Patna, Pakhi was busy talent-hunting for her new venture in smaller towns of India, including Deoghar and Asansol .

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