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Passengers irked with delay of trains

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The Times Of India
09th October, 2019 07:50 IST

Ludhiana: More than fifteen trains arriving from north eastern part arrived late on Tuesday at the city railway station causing inconvenience to the frequent travelers. Most of these trains were delayed by seven to eight hours. Amritsar-Howrah express arrived at the station seven hours behind its schedule. It arrived at 12.50 am which was scheduled to arrive 5.40 am.

An inquiry official at city station claimed that, long route trains like Lohit express was scheduled to arrive 7.15 am but was delayed by six hours. Some other trains like Darbhanga – Amritsar Jan Nayak Express, Amritsar – Howrah Mail , Kolkata – Jammu Tawi Express , and Ferozepur – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Intercity Express and Amritsar Jaynagar Saryu Yamuna Express also were delayed by five to six hours.

Speaking about the delay station superintendent, Ashok Salaria said , “For transformation of railway into a modern one, the construction work of limited height subways was underway on Amritsar-New Delhi railway route, hence most trains running on that track were arriving late by several hours.”

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