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Priyanka Gandhi withdraws buses, says UP government playing politics

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The Economic Times
21st May, 2020 00:04 IST

NEW DELHI: Faced with an unyielding Yogi government of UP, AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has tactically pulled out of the confrontation by recalling at 4 pm on Wednesday the 900-odd buses the state Congress had arranged to ferry the walking migrant workers to their homes. She blamed it on “the politics” played by the UP government to deny permit to the buses.

Meanwhile, party’s Raebareli MLA Aditi Singh, a one-time winner of Rahul Gandhi’s talent hunt and who has been of late assertive and independent, took to Twitter to ridicule Priyanka’s mission. “Why this petty politics? A list of 1,000 buses was sent, but more than half...were fake...What cruel joke is this?”

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