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Protesters relent, allow police to open locked TP office in MK Hubli

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The Times Of India
14th May, 2019 05:47 IST
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BELAGAVI: Some people of MK Hubli town panchayat in Kittur taluk withdrew the indefinite protest on Monday evening following the intervention of local MLA Mahantesh Doddagoudar.

They started the protest on Saturday demanding action against local town panchayat members. According to the protesters, the TP members allegedly tried to siphon off government money by citing the drinking water problem in the town, for which they had closed working borewells. “There had planned to supply water to people through private tankers and get a commission and had closed working borewells,”they said.

The protesters locked the taluk panchayat office on Saturday after which addition police were deployed.

On Monday, angry people gathered in large numbers in the premises of the town panchayat when police tried to open the office. The protesters said they would not allow the office to be opened until action is initiated against the taluk panchayat members.

Police tried to convince them that a meeting with TP members cannot be held as the model code of conduct is in force. They assured to conduct an inquiry once the MCC is withdrawn.

They also told the protesters that creating hurdles to government work was against the law and urged them to withdraw the agitation. The people refused to budge and continued their protest.

MLA Mahantesh Doddagoudar then visited the town and tried to convince the villagers. He assured that he would initiate action if the TP members are found guilty.

The people withdrew their protest only after the MLA made several requests.

Later, police opened the doors of town panchayat office making way for officials to start their work.

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