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Pune: Man forces woman into his car, robs her gold chain

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The Times Of India
18th September, 2019 06:30 IST

Pune: The rural police have launched a manhunt for a unidentified car driver, who robbed a woman of a gold chain worth Rs30,000 after forcing her to get into his car.

The incident happened on Monday evening in Shikrapur, about 40km from here, when the 28-year-old woman was waiting for public transport to go home after work.

The woman stated in her FIR that, after forcing her to get into his car, the man drove her between Shikrapur and Chakan for two hours. En route, he brandished a sharp weapon and forced her to give him her gold chain, worth Rs30,000. When he stopped at Talegaon Chowk in Chakan and told her to withdraw cash from an ATM, the woman managed to contact the police control room, forcing him to flee the spot.

The woman immediately approached the Chakan police. “As the incident happened near Shikrapur, we have transferred the case to the Shikrapur police,” an officer from the Chakan police station told TOI.

The Shikrapur police have registered a case of robbery. “We have launched a hunt for the driver. The woman was not able to make a note of the car’s registration number. We are combing through CCTV footage to trace the car,” an officer from the Shikrapur police station said.

The complainant, a Moshi resident, works in the purchase department of a private company in Shikrapur. She told TOI that she normally uses the company’s drop facility. “On Monday, I had a bit of a wait to get dropped in a company cab and so, decided to take public transport home,” the woman told TOI.

She reached Chakan Chowk in Shikrapur at 5pm and waited for 30 minutes for public transport. “Around 5.30pm, a white Swift Dzire car stopped near me. The driver offered to drop me to my destination (Chakan),” she said.

When she refused, the driver became aggressive. “He threatened to harm me if I didn’t get into the car,” she recalled.

The terrified woman boarded the car. After driving for a while, he robbed her of the gold chain.

The woman said the suspect drove very slowly around the Chakan area, but she was too terrified to raise an alarm. Around 7.30pm, the man stopped the car at Talegaon Chowk in Chakan and told the woman to withdraw Rs5,000 from an ATM across the road. “He called his cellphone from my phone and returned it to me. He told me not to try anything, as he had my number,” she said.

The woman saw a man near the ATM. When she told him what happened, the man immediately contacted the police control room. “But by the time the police arrived at the spot, the suspect had fled with my chain,” she said.

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