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Pune: Worker caught 'walking out' with aluminium parts

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The Times Of India
18th September, 2019 04:53 IST

Pune: A worker from a private company in Bhosari MIDC was caught trying to leave the company’s foundry division on Monday with aluminium parts worth Rs6,000 taped to his legs.

The worker, identified as Sampat Hulgunde (26) of Moshi, has been handed over to the Bhosari MIDC police for action. He has been charged under Section 381 (theft by clerk or servant of property in possession of master) of the Indian Penal Code, after Yogesh Tapkire (42), a human resources official of the company, registered a complaint.

Tapkire told TOI that the company’s foundry division manufactures iron casts for the automotive and the power sectors. He said Hulgunde has been employed with the company for six months.

“On Monday, after the shift was over, all the workers, including Hulgunde, started leaving the premises. The security guard noticed Hulgunde was walking in a strange manner, and stopped him for frisking. The guard then discovered that Hulgunde had taped aluminium filters worth Rs6,000 to his legs and wore his trousers over it,” Tapkire said.

The guard immediately alerted the management, Tapkire said. “Hulgunde would barely have earned Rs200 by selling those parts to a scrap dealer,” Tapkire said.

An officer from the Bhosari MIDC police station said that they were ascertaining whether the suspect was involved in such incidents in the past. “An investigation is under way,” the officer said.

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