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Purru explains why he can not do Bigg Boss

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The Times Of India
27th March, 2021 20:55 IST

Purru, the actor around whom the rumour was going around at the time of ' Bigg Boss 12' that he and his actor mom, Vibha Chibber were going to contest 'Bigg Boss' says he doesn't have anything against the show. If anything, "I think those who take it up have a lot of courage, hats off to them," he says.
However, Purru says the issue is with his own personality type. "It's not that I don't have the courage to do that show. But, it's just that I can't be confined to one place for so many days at a stretch, I am not comfortable being in confinement . That's why that kind of a show is not my cup of tea," he clarifies.
Purru, who has tasted all entertainment genres of TV , films and web series , says the bias between these genres needs to be dissolved. "Every genre has a different way of shooting and its own signature style. I started with films (The Warrior), then did TV, then did films again, and now I am doing OTT," he says. Ask him which of these genres is close to him and he says, " I really enjoy doing films and OTT the most."
Commenting on the notion of films to films he says, "Every genre is equal. In fact, TV actors enjoy a popularity in India which is unparalleled. No actor or genre is inferior to the other, everyone works as hard on every platform."
Speaking of his sabbatical from TV after ' Naamkarann ', Purru says, "No, I did not take any sabbatical, but was forced into not doing TV because nothing good was offered to me. So, the break wasn't deliberate."

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