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Raging dust storms hit normal life in Jaisalmer, Barmer

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The Times Of India
15th July, 2019 04:46 IST

Jaisalmer: Life in the desert districts of Jaisalmer and Barmer has come to a standstill due to the dust storm that has continued here for the last seven days. At a few places railway tracks have been covered by sand, however, they are being continuously cleared. At other places dozens of villages have lost connection with the main roads as sand dunes have covered the roads making it impossible for vehicles to move. Even cattle-rearers of these villages are facing problems as fodder has not reached the villages for the livestock. Due to dust storm in these two districts the farmers are a worried lot as whatever sowing they had done has been lost to these storms.

At the Indo-Pak border BSF is also facing lot of problems. The electric wires have broken near the border outposts and electricity is being supplied through generator. The BSF vehicles are facing problems in reaching the BOPs.

To add to the farmers woes the threat of drought also looms as not a drop of rain has been received here for 10 days now. Farmers had sown seeds 10 days ago but there has been no rain and fields are covered by sand while and maximum temperature is still hovering around 40 degree Celsius.

Last year due to poor rainfall the kharif crop was damaged here. This year in Barmer sowing was to be done in 14 lakh hectares but it has been done in only 10% of land so far. Farmers are also worried about water and fodder for their cattle. Farmers say that if the district faces drought once again then this will worsen the situation.

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