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Raipur celebrates Kojagiri with festive zeal

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The Times Of India
14th October, 2019 17:03 IST

Sharad Purnima, with its picture perfect full moon, is a night to be sitting out on the terrace or garden with a silver light bathing the ground. Music, food and fellowship just follow. And Raipurians celebrated Kojagiri Purnima with the same enthusiasm. The Bengali community of the city too soaked in the festivity of Kojagiri. They celebrated Lakshmi Puja with traditional bhog and a gathering.

“Ashwin means blue and this full moon exudes the calm and peace associated with this colour,” says Bimol Roy, one of the organisers of Lakshmi Puja pandal. “Loud music, dancing and merriment dilutes the intensity. I celebrate it with a night long painting session with young and old artists,” he says.
Like him, more than 200 people were part of various Kojagiri festival in Raipur .

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