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Rajasthan: 50% complaints on cVigil app found bogus as people post selfies, pics of bedrooms

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The Times Of India
22nd March, 2019 21:01 IST
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JAIPUR: Nearly 50% of the total cVigil complaints registered with the election department through an app, to report model code of conduct violations (MCC), were found to be bogus with many complainants just posting their selfies, photos of their houses, bedrooms, bathrooms, agricultural lands and other irrelevant pictures.

According to the Election Commission data, up to March 22, of the 176 cases registered, 84 (47.72%) were found to be bogus. Of the 84 false cases, 60 cases were dropped by the district control centres (DCC) and 24 were dropped by the returning officers.

The highest number of cases has been registered in Kota (49). Of the total, 13 (26.5%) were dropped after the complaints were found to be bogus. In Jaipur, of the total 27 cases, nine (33.3%) were found to be bogus. In Jhunjhunu , of the total 15 cases registered, 14 (93.3%) were found to be fake or bogus.

So far, no cVigil complaints have been registered in Bundi, Dausa, Hanumangarh, Jaisalmer , Karauli , Pratapgarh and Tonk.

"When we come across bogus uploads like selfies, photos of houses and other irrelevant pictures, we call up the complainant and warn him/her not to post such things on the cVigil app . We also make them aware about the app, that it is meant only for registering MCC violations," said an IT officer at the office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).

Another official said: “After downloading the cVigil app, some people try to test it by posting irrelevant pictures and selfies. These are mostly anonymous persons, who don’t provide their phone numbers. These cases are dropped.”

The violations registered through cVigil app range from distributing cash, liquor, money, influencing voters through advertisements, posters and hoardings, paid news, communal hate speech, intimidation, freebies distribution, fake news and using government vehicle after office hours.

The ‘cVigil’ app was made operational by the election department in Rajasthan during the assembly elections in the state.

The Lok Sabha polls in Rajasthan would be held on April 29 and May 6 which are the fourth and the fifth phases of the general elections. During the fourth phase on April 29, the polls will be held in 13 constituencies in the state and elections will take place in 12 constituencies during the fifth phase on May 6.

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