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Rajasthan rains: Kota marooned, parents across India worried

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The Times Of India
17th September, 2019 08:42 IST

JAIPUR: The disturbing images of submerged houses, waterlogged roads and rescue operations in Kota are a nightmare for those parents whose children are enrolled in the coaching institutes here. The coaching town has over 1 lakh students from outside Kota in the age group of 14-21. The administration has repeatedly approached all major coaching institutes to offer help. The institutes have been directed to appeal to students to stay indoors in case of another spell of heavy rainfall as predicted by the Met department.

“My father has been repeatedly calling me ever since he heard the news of floods in Kota on a news portal. Despite my assurance that the incessant rains have not disrupted even a single class, he insisted on speaking to my hostel warden and the institute’s director to know about my safety,” said Manish Yadav, a student from Bihar. He joined a coaching institute here this August.

NGOs in Kota provide relief to flood victims

The major coaching institutes agreed that they have received calls from jittery parents who would like to hear from them about their wards’ safety. “The kind of selective pictures being shared on portals is giving an impression that the entire city has submerged. In reality only 10% of the city, especially low-lying areas are flooded. I would like to assure every parent that their children are safe in Kota,” said Nitesh Sharma, an official of a coaching institute.

Most of the coaching centres and hostels are in areas like Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Jhalawar Road and Kunhadi. These areas are newly developed with better drainage system. But the danger cannot be ruled out as many students who look for cheaper hostels reside in areas that are vulnerable to floods. These include Nayapura, Purana Bus Stand, Kunhari slum areas, etc. The coaching institutes claimed that they are fully prepared to handle any emergency including floods.

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