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Rajkot BJP set to launch door-to-door campaign

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The Times Of India
26th March, 2019 12:06 IST
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RAJKOT: With BJP formally announcing the candidature of Mohan Kundariya from Rajkot Lok Sabha seat, the party has decided to launch an aggressive campaign for the former union minister.

Though Rajkot is considered to be a very safe seat for BJP, the party is in no mood to take it easy. The local BJP unit has chalked out plans to reach out to all those people who have been direct beneficiaries of the state and central government schemes.

Local BJP leader and chairman of Municipal Finance Board, Dhansukh Bhanderi, said, “We have compiled a data of 1.80 lakh beneficiaries of various government scheme like Maa Amrutam card, PM and CM Aawas Yojna in Rajkot city. Some of these beneficiaries are not traditionally BJP voters and we will try to personally reach out to them and convince them to vote for BJP.”

According to party sources, nearly six lakh people have been indirectly benefited through these 1.80 lakh direct beneficiaries. Party also planning to exploit the benefits of welfare schemes and forward videos of beneficiaries through social media. In the videos, the beneficiaries are thanking BJP for floating the schemes for lower middle-class and poor.

Sources said that Kundariya is facing opposition within the party and several senior district BJP leaders had opposed his name during the sense-taking exercise held in Rajkot.

The party also plans to start door-to-door campaign where the workers will distribute booklets of various schemes of Narendra Modi government. The booklets have been prepared and published by the central government. “A list of star campaigners is also being prepared and we are also planning at least two big public rallies in Rajkot Lok Sabha constituency,” Bhanderi added.

In 2014, Kundariya, had won Rajkot seat by over two lakh votes.

Mohan Kundariya is expected to cash in on several infrastructure projects announced by the state and central governments, most important one being the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). AIIMS is set to come up near Para Pipaliya village adjoining Rajkot city and is expected to become the biggest medical facility for entire Saurashtra. The government has also started the work to convert Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway into six-lane and approved construction of the much-needed six-lane overbridge at Gondal Chowkdi.

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