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Rehabilitate Khunti rape survivors: Court

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The Times Of India
19th May, 2019 12:20 IST
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RANCHI: After a local court in Khunti sentenced six people to life imprisonment in the Kochang gang rape case, the focus has now turned on the rehabilitation and payment of compensation to the survivors.

Public prosecutor Sushil Kumar Jaiswal said the court of additional district judge, Rajesh Kumar, directed District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) to work towards rehabilitating and compensating the survivors. He also pointed out that the fine amount imposed on six convicts - Rs 1.5 lakh on each of them - will be provided to the survivors.

"The entire process would be expedited. DLSA (Khunti) will be given a copy of the judgement on Monday," Jaiswal said.

Sources said once DLSA gets the court order, a committee comprising a judge, deputy commissioner, superintendent of police and a DLSA official will meet to decide on the amount of compensation.

Lakshmi Baxla, the member of a non-government organisation that encouraged the survivors to speak up against the crime, said providing employment to them will be an effective way to rehabilitate the survivors. "The survivors were daily-wage earners and needed a permanent source of income," Baxla added.

Meanwhile, all the six convicts were sent to Birsa Munda central jail in Ranchi on Saturday.

Among the six convicts, Father Alphonse Aind was found guilty conspiracy in the crime. Another three were punished for the gang rape and the remaining two for abetment. The women were performing a street play on June 19 last year to spread awareness against human trafficking in the remote Kochang village of Khunti district when they were abducted and gang-raped.

In his 225-page judgment, additional district judge Rajesh Kumar had said conspirators should get the same punishment as the rapists, announcing the sentence for Aind under Section 120B (criminal conspiracy) and Section 376D (rape) even though he was not there at the spot of the crime.

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