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Review: Harikathe Alla Girikathe

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Plot: Three unlikely people - an aspiring director Giri , a bulked up villain Giri, and an aspiring actress Girija - cross paths by accident. They join hands to make a film, but this escapade ends up being more than what they had expected.

Review: This film marks the feature debut of two youngsters - Karan Ananth and Anirudh Mahesh . Harikathe Alla Girikathe , incidentally, is set against the backdrop of the film industry, but is more than just a peek into the strugglers' life. It is a quirky comedy that features a set of oddball characters. The film is a little reminiscent of Tamil capers like Soodhu Kavvum and Jigarthanda.

The story has a non-linear narrative and a lot of fun moments that leave one in splits. The film also has subtle inside jokes to showbiz that draw a lot of laughs, and there are some interesting cameos, too. The filmmakers seem to have had a ball when making this film, and it shows in these sequences. What adds to the quirks is the soundtrack that captures the crazy ride.

The premise of the film begins with veteran character actor Honnavalli Krishna 's son Giri wanting to make a film and make his father proud. But the journey into showbiz isn't easy and we see many rejections and other setbacks that lead Giri to resort to some crazy ways. He meets equally eccentric accomplices and thus begins the journey.

Led by Rishab Shetty , the cast do a good job and there are a host of new comic talents that will emerge for directors to choose from. While there are fun elements, there are sequences that hold back that momentum of the narrative. One wishes the story was more tightly woven to ensure a seamless ride. The filmmakers seem to have conceptualised a crazy ride, which does merit a one-time watch. Both the new directors bring in a lot of promise in the film industry.

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