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Rewari: BJP leader drags homeguard officer on bonnet of his car

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ANI News
24th June, 2019 12:07 IST

Rewari (Haryana) [India], June 24 (ANI): BJP leader Satish Khoda on Monday entered into the wrong side of the road in Haryana's Rewari and when was stopped by a home guard the politician created a ruckus.
When Khoda's driver was asked to stop the car by the home guard, he rammed the car into him and dragged him along, leading to a heated argument between the two.
The home guard officer, Monu Yadav said, "I stopped the car. But the driver said that this is Satish Khoda's car. They slapped me when I said that they were on the wrong side."
However, the driver of the car said, "I had taken the car on the wrong side. Then the officer on duty stopped me. I pleaded with him. But he objected during which time I drove the car ahead. The officer got dragged along for around 300 metres. I admit my mistake." (ANI)

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