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RRR Controversy Kick Starts

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21st October, 2019 20:58 IST

‘Controversy’ is the spice of the day and no one knows when a controversy can suddenly befall a movie in the making or after completion. So, it’s ‘Controversy, The Beginning’ for Rajamouli’s fictional drama RRR.

As Rajamouli has already announced that he has fictionalized the unknown part of the stories of Komaram Bheem and Alluri Seetaramaraju for RRR, that same fact has kick-started a controversy for the multi-starrer movie being made on a humungous budget.

Alluri Seetaramaraju Youth Association president Padala Veerabhadra Rao raised severe objections saying that the fictionalization of historic characters is equal to distortion of history and hence, slammed Rajamouli for doing that for commercial purposes.

He also submitted a petition to the RDO of Narsipatnam to look into the matter and take measures to see that Rajamouli doesn’t distort the facts as Komaram Bheem and Alluri Seetharamaraju never met each other in their lifetime.

Let’s wait and see how Rajamouli responds to this controversy or else, he chooses to ignore the controversy as the movie is still in the making and no one knows the content he is going to deliver.

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