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Rush affects long-route trains

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The Times Of India
05th October, 2019 07:03 IST

Ludhiana: With special trains started for catering to rush owing to festive season, more than 10 long-route trains arrived late by several hours at the city railway station on Friday.

Passengers mostly waiting for the Kolkata, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh-bound trains seemed more impatient as the trains coming from south-eastern parts were facing maximum hours of delay on Friday. Tata Muri Express (18101) from Tata Nagar to Jammu Tawi arrived at platform 2 after a delay of seven hours and 45 minutes at around 12.50pm instead of 5.10 in the morning.

Another train which was affected was Jansewa Express (15210) from Saharsa to Amritsar. It arrived with a delay of seven hours and 35 minutes at around 1.35pm instead of 6.35am. Pooja Express from Ajmer to Jammu Tawi arrived at platform number 2 with a delay of six hours and five minutes. Darbhanga to Amritsar Jan Nayak Express (15211), Amritsar to Howrah Mail (13006), Kolkata to Jammu Tawi Express (13151) and Lohit Express faced a delay of four hours and 50 minutes, reaching station around 12.10pm instead of 7.30am.

Station superintendent, Ashok Salaria, said, “Due to festival season, several special trains were started, which ultimately led to disruption in rail traffic. The issue will soon be resolved as there are plans to lay more railway tracks on different railway routes to ease rail traffic.”

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