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Sanitation workers picket for salary, boycott of work, cleaning system of the city collapsed

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14th October, 2021 17:28 IST

The sanitation workers of Municipality Siddharthnagar boycotted the work on Thursday morning. Gandhi sat on a dharna near the statue in the municipality building. He was demanding payment of salary on time. Due to this the sanitation system in the city was seen to be destroyed. During the festival season, garbage was piled up at various places. Even the regular garbage collection vehicles did not run in the morning. People had to face difficulties.

295 sanitation workers are working in the municipality

District President Safai Karamcharis Mazdoor Sangh Rajesh Yadav said that 295 sanitation workers are working in the municipality. It has ten regulars. The remaining 40 are deployed on contract and 245 through outsourcing. Salary and honorarium are paid late every month. Which is available to the employees from 22nd to 25th.

Due to the festival, the employees are demanding payment of first salary

In view of the festival, this time the municipality officials were demanded to make payment from 4th to 5th. But no hearing took place. Dussehra has arrived. But till now none of the workers have received salary and honorarium. Employees' PF is being deducted for seven years. But no one knows where this money is getting deposited. Sunil Singh, Durgesh Balmiki, Umashankar, Arun Gaur, Babua, Dharmaraj, Shivpujan, Santosh, Usha, Sona, Basanti, Indravati, Sammati etc. were present.

Municipality President Shyam Vihari Jaiswal informed that the salaries and honorarium of the sanitation workers working in the municipality are paid regularly. These are family members. Their problem will be solved. Talks will be held with the cleaning staff. In view of the festival, salary and honorarium will be paid soon. There is a fixed date for payment of salary and honorarium. It has been fixed from the time of the previous board.

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