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Sanjay Dutt is larger than life but childlike: Arjun Kapoor on sets of Panipat

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13th May, 2019 11:36 IST

Arjun Kapoor while busy with promotions for India’s Most Wanted will also be seen in the period drama ‘Panipat’ with Sanjay Dutt. Arjun talked about working with Sanjay at the launch of Belvedere Studio and said, it was hard for him to stay in character in front of Sanjay Dutt.

Arjun said he looked up to Sanjay Dutt as a child and the experience working with him has been surreal “I have just shot a few portions of the film with him. It has been really nice experience working with him. He is somebody who I have looked up to as a child. We all have grown up watching Sanju sir as an actor and as a star.

“His personality is larger than life, so when you walk on the set with him, you realise why he is larger than life. But he is like a child. He is so humble and the way he talks with you, you don’t feel like he is the villain of the film and you are pitted against him because he starts pulling my cheeks. So, it was very difficult for me to be in character in front of him.”

Arjun recently was in the news for suffering a nose injury on the sets of Panipat. Talking about his nose injury the actor said its just one of those days, “It’s an action film, so there are some good days and some bad days on a film set. This injury is just one part of that bad day. It was a nice memory of ‘Panipat’ to have and while I promote ‘India’s Most Wanted’, this injury will be seen everyday.”

The film is filmmaker Ashutosh Govariker’s ambitious project that will document the third battle of Panipat, it will also star Kriti Sanon.

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