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Shramik Special resumes trip after 14 hours

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The Times Of India
28th May, 2020 14:06 IST

SILCHAR: The Udaipur (Tripura) - Nawada (Bihar) Shramik Special train carrying 200 passengers finally resumed its journey after being stuck for 14 hours as the Lumding- Silchar section of Northeast Frontier Railway reopened at 11.30 am on Wednesday following clearance of debris.

NFR chief public relation officer Subhanan Chanda said the route was closed since 9:30 pm on Thursday following landslide at six places in south Assam 's Dima Hasao district. "Incessant rains triggered massive landslides at six places in the hill district in between New Haflong and Lumding area, including Mupa, Daotuhaja and Phaiding resulting in the disruption of Umrangshu-Dihangi Road and railway communications in the district. The rain waters have also badly affected the railway line between New Haflong and Jatinga," Chanda added.

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