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Somi-Deepak unfollow each other on Insta

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The Times Of India
15th March, 2019 12:20 IST
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Bigg Boss 12 BFFs Somi Khan and Deepak Thakur unfollow Bigg Boss 12 contestants Somi Khan and Deepak Thakur's friendship has been loved by their fans. The two have been good friends ever since their BB 12 days. But looks like their friendship has gone kaput now. Both Somi and Deepak have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Though the reason is unknown, it is said that the BFFs recently got into an argument that resulted into a fight between them. Their fans have been disheartened to see both Somi and Deepak's friendship hitting the rock bottom.

Deepak had earlier shared a video wherein he was singing the composition of his latest song. Somi, who loved the song, shared it on her social media account and had captioned it as, ""Beautiful song !! Thank you for sharing this song with me and I really like your voice and this song @ideepakthakur #Beautiful journey of BB12# beautifulsong # beautifulvoice#Thankyousomuch." (sic). Deepak instantly had replied, "Yejo post kiho na issey tmhre Instagram a/c ka Raunak badh gya..Dilse Thanks." (By posting this video, your Instagram account's pride has increased. Hearty thanks.) Somi had replied, "@ideepakthakur aur tumhara din ban gya....dill se welcome." (sic)"

Deepak has been quite vocal about his feelings for Somi and he never leaves a chance to flirt with her. Though Somi was very clear on the fact that she never liked Deepak and considered him just as a good friend but Deepak was in awe of her.

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